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SDF militia closes 2154 Syrian schools and gives some of them to US occupation army

As Hasaka residents continue to reject teaching their children Kurdish curriculum, the US-backed ‘Syrian Democratic Forces’ militia [Its Arabic acronym is QASAD] closed 2154 Syrian schools out of 2423 ones teaching Arabic language, depriving tens of thousands of school students from education.

The SDF militia closed by force – few days ago- all Syrian government secondary schools in Raes al-Ein city to the north of Hasaka and a vocational institute in Kallaseh alley as well as an Industrial training Institute in the city of Hasaka, according to a report published by Sputnik in Arabic.

The report indicated that the SDF militia, which represents the US army’s local arm in Syria, turned all the schools that they had closed few days ago into military centers for the militia and US army.

The militia banned the schools in the SDF-held areas from teaching students government curriculum.

A source at Hasaka Education Directorate said the number of school students within 16 educational complexes in Hasaka and Qameshli reached up to 104.000 and there are morning and evening classes. The number of student per class is over 100 despite turning several government buildings into schools for the first stage.

Add to that, the directorate installed 122 prefabricated rooms in some schools in Hasaka and Qameshli in order to reduce the number of students in classrooms and to accommodate 20.000 students.

Last year, some civilians in Hasaka countryside gave their homes to the Education Directorate to turn them into temporary schools.

Thousands of students cross a stretch of 50 km to reach their schools in Hasaka and Qameshli. And their parents send them to schools via motorbikes or pickup cars and pay more than 20.000 S.P [About $34 ] per month for transportation fare.

Few years ago, the SDF militia, which implements US agendas in the east Euphrates region, banned Syrian schools from teaching students government curriculum and imposed curriculum promoting the ideology and ideas to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party [PKK].

Basma Qaddour