Washington sends arms and logistic equipment to its occupation forces in Syria

HASAKA, (ST)_ Washington had sent over the past hours new reinforcements to its occupation troops in Syria, according to local sources in Qameshli.

The sources said that a convey composed of dozens of cars and trucks carrying weapons plus military and logistic equipment illegally entered the Syrian territories coming from the north of Iraq through Simalka crossing. 

The convey crossed the countryside of Malekeyeh city to the north-east of Hasaka and it was delivered to the US occupation troops in the Syrian Jazeera area.

On the 22nd of this month, Washington sent to its militia [the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). Its Arabic acronym is QASAD] 175 trucks carrying weapons and logistic equipment.

In the mid of this month, the US occupation forces sent a convey composed of 150 trucks loaded with militarily and logistic reinforcements to the SDF militias through the same crossing. 

Within the framework of its plots to devastate and fragment the region, the US troops had sent since last March more than 3000 trucks to Hasaka through illegal crossing with aim of offering military, technical and logistic support to the SDF militia, which step up its aggressive practices against civilians in the northeast of the country.

The U.S. claims that it supports the SDF to fight against ISIS terrorists. However, world reports confirm that there is a strong relation between Washington and ISIS terrorists.

The coalition formed by the US without UN approval has committed scores of massacres against Syrians.   

Basma Qaddour