Al-Nusra terrorists kill 2 civilians and wound 20 others while they were trying to leave through Abo Dhohur corridor in Idleb

IDLEB, ALEPPO, (ST)_Medical sources told the Damascus-Based al-Watan newspaper that al-Nusra Front terrorists opened fire on  civilians, who were trying to leave terrorist-held areas in Idleb through Abu Dhohur corridor, killing at least 2  and wounding 20 others.

The corridor of Abu Dhohur  was opened around 3 weeks ago to secure the departure of civilians from terrorist-held areas to safe areas held by Syrian army.

Yesterday, terrorist groups fired 2 rockets on Halab al-Jadedeh and Share'a al-Nil areas in Aleppo city, leaving material damages. No casualties we reported.

Basma Qaddour