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US-led coalition conducts airdrop to back SDF militias' savage acts in the northeast of Syria

DER EZZOUR, RAQAA, HASAKA,(ST)_US-led coalition jets have conducted airdrops on the outskirts of Debyan town in the east-southern countryside of Der Ezzour and in al-Hafel alley in the same town.
The coalition used 5 Apache helicopters, F-16 warplane, armored vehicles and reconnaissance aircrafts plus dozens of the elements of the 'Syrian Democratic Forces' militias in the airdrop, which coincided with house raids where 2 civilians were killed and several others were arrested and sent to unknown place, according to local sources.

In Raqaa province, the SDF militias kidnapped 9 young men from the market of the city plus a young man from al-Sahel town in the west-southern countryside of the province.
The kidnapping was done at the moment of the arrival of SDF militias' patrols to al-Tabaqa city the western countryside of the province to search for young men running away from the 'military conscription'.

The SDF militias set up 15 checkpoints in al-Tabaqa city after civilians had called for protests against arrest campaigns.
The separatist militias seized by force 12 cars in Raqaa and its countryside.
In Hasaka province, the SDF militias abducted 21 civilians in Raes al-Ein city in the west northern side of the province and took them to training camps and forced recruitment.

Basma Qaddour