Russia and China Block a Draft Security Council Resolution Aiming at Protecting Terrorists in Idleb

NEW YORK, (ST)-Russia and China on Thursday vetoed a draft Security Council resolution, submitted by Germany, Belgium and Kuwait, aiming at providing protection to the terrorists in Idleb through calling for a halt to all combat operations in the province.

Russia's Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vassily Nebenzia said that his country blocked the resolution because it aims at saving the terrorists in Idleb and ignores the question of fighting terrorism in Syria.

 On his part, Syria's Permanent Representative to the United Nations Bashar Al-Jaafari affirmed during a Security Council session on Thursday that Syria rejects the draft resolution as it ignores the main causes behind the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Syria, namely the internationally-backed terrorism and the illegal presence of foreign troops in the country.

He said that the draft resolution also ignores the fact that terrorist organizations are not included in the cessation of hostilities agreement and this contradicts the understandings and deals reached in Astana and Sochi meetings.

 Al-Jaafari made it clear that the countries which submitted the draft resolution keep adopting hostile stances towards Syria and they are involved in some countries' schemes aiming at destabilizing the region to serve the interests of the Israeli occupation.

He went on to say that the terrorist organizations in Idleb keep using civilians as human shields and they continue for the seventh consecutive day to open fire on citizens who want to leave the terrorist-held towns in the province to the areas liberated by the Syrian army.

The US-backed terrorist groups in al-Tanf area, said al-Jaafari, also don't allow al-Rukban camp residents to leave it and they capture huge part of the delivered humanitarian aid.  

He pointed out that some Security Council permanent member states keep misusing the UN mechanisms to politicize the humanitarian situation in Syria and exploit it to destabilize the country and support terrorism.

He asserted that improving the humanitarian situation in Syria and eliminating the difficulties facing the Syrians necessitates complete commitment to respecting Syria's sovereignty and territorial integrity and supporting its efforts to eradicate the remaining terrorist hotbeds in the country.  

Al-Jaafari reiterated the need to end the illegal presence of foreign forces in the Syrian territories and to stop the war crimes being committed by the illegal US-led coalition.

He called for the immediate lifting of the unilateral coercive measures which have been affecting the lives of the Syrians very badly and preventing them from getting their basic needs.   

The Syrian senior diplomat also said that Syria will continue to cooperate with partners in humanitarian work and it is exerting great efforts in this respect.  

Hamda Mustafa