US-backed SDF militias go too far in their attacks against residents in the northeast of Syria

DER EZZOUR, HASAKA, (ST)_The ‘Syrian Democratic Forces’ militias, who are stoking the separatist ambitions of Kurds, backed by US occupation forces have gone too far in their attacks and criminal practices against residents in the Syrian Jazira region [northeast of Syria] .

The town of al-Hesan in the northern countryside of Der Ezzour witnessed today a protest against the ‘Syrian Democratic Forces’ militias after they arrested and kidnapped many civilians and took them to an unknown place in order to recruit them, according to local sources.

While in Hasaka city, the SDF militias set up a checkpoint at the entrance of al-Nashweh al-Gharbeyeh alley and kidnapped 20 young men to enroll them into the so-called ‘military conscription’. The kidnapping of the men came few hours after a man was killed by a reckless gunshot in al-Derbaseyyeh town to the north of the city and after the death of a woman in al-Hol town camp- which is under the control of the SDF militias- in the east-southern side of Hasaka province because of the lack of health care.

The SDF militias seize aid being sent to the camp.

In Raqqa province, the militias of SDF brought patrols from Tabaqa city in the western countryside of the province to the city of Raqqa with the aim of carrying out house raids. Few hours later, 9 young men were kidnapped from al-Mashlab alley in the city and Raqqet Samra town in the eastern side of the countryside.

The brutal acts of the SDF militias, who implement their US master’s orders, have worsened the already deteriorating security situation in the Syrian Jazira region.

An explosive device detonated in al-Basira city in the south-eastern countryside of Der Ezzour and two bombs went off in al-Nashweh alley in Hasak city one hour after the blast of an explosive device in al-Mansoura town in the western countryside of Raqqa.

Basma Qaddour