Two young Syrian students design a smart jacket to protect soldiers

Issa Mualla and Ghadeer Mohammed Ismail, two students from Tishreen University studying computer engineering and automated control, succeeded in designing a smart military jacket to define    the soldier’s location. 

The jacket, which is based on using satellite and heart beats, can determine whether the soldier is alive or not. Then it sends the information by a text message to the command room automatically and periodically without soldier interference.

There is an emergency button in the jacket to open a voice call. It sends   a message which includes the location and pulse of the soldier.

The jacket is equipped with an efficient heating system which is fed by a power bank which is recharged continuously during daylight hours through a solar cell placed on the soldier’s back.

The student Issa Mualla who participated in designing this jacket, stressed that it is a very important and successful project to protect soldiers, but it needs marketing and more support to be applied practically.

"Nine years of war, many soldiers were kidnapped and there are martyrs whose bodies have not been returned till now, and we hope that our project will solve this problem in the future." he added.