With the participation of 350 children… Mental arithmetic competitions in Sheraton Aleppo

A children's mental arithmetic competition was held in Aleppo with the participation of about 350 children between the ages of 5 and 15 at the Sheraton Hotel.

Hanadi Shakra, a mental arithmetic program worker, explained that at the beginning, children are trained to use the manual abacus technique and then move to the mental arithmetic stage where the child uses his imagination in calculations.

Malak Hakmeh also stressed that this program aimed at developing the imagination of the child and its abilities to solve math c exercises very quickly, each one according to age and level.

Khalil Ajili, one of the participants, stressed the importance of these competitions in improving the method of calculation and making it faster and easier, wishing success for all his colleagues.

Ms. Yamama, the mother of the child Maya Pro, one of the participants, pointed out the improvement of her daughter in the field of arithmetic. Also she stressed the importance of holding such competitions that help children to increase self-confidence, calling on all parents to encourage their children to participate in such mental arithmetic programs.