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Homs Cultural Festival returns after nine years of absence

Homs, (ST)-Homs City Council has completed its preparations for holding the annual Homs Cultural Festival which will open on Sunday after a nine-year hiatus because of the war on the country.

The eight-day festival includes a variety of cultural events, including poetry evenings, artistic shows and dialogue seminars, in addition to concerts, art exhibitions, book fairs and film screening for children and adults.

Jihad Sorour, head of the Culture and Public Relations Committee in the city council, explained that the festival, which resumes after a stop of nine years due to the unjust terrorist war on our country, reflects the ideal image of Homs.

He added that the festival will be held in different neighborhoods of Homs, such as Zahra, Hamidiya, Akrama, the Martyrs Square in the city center and the city of exhibitions in Al- Wa'er in order to help the entire Homsi community participate in its various activities.

 “Our main goal is to make our festival popular and social as well", he went on to say  

 Sorour pointed out that the festival is the fruit of efforts exerted by the city council in cooperation with the Homs chambers of industry and commerce. The festival will host famous personalities in the field of art, poetry, literature and music.

 Amal Farhat- Homs