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The First Wind Turbine to Generate Electricity in Syria

Homs, (ST)- Homs Electricity Company has completed all works relating to fixing the wind turbine that generates electricity and supply the sub-station in Homs western countryside with electrical power.

The wind station, which was set up in the western countryside of Homs on the Homs-Tartous highway, is the first of its kind in Syria as it is designed and constructed with national expertise and high accuracy that match the international standards. It is an important step in terms of securing renewable energies that contribute to increasing electric power and supply the public grid with electricity.

  Director of Homs Electricity Company Eng. Mosleh Al-Hassan stressed the importance of renewable energy in supplying the grid with electric power, especially if it has great potential and achieves economic feasibility for the public and private sectors. He highlighted the legislations that encouraged carrying out projects to generate electricity by renewable energies such as wind and solar energy, noting that the turbine project has become true in the industrial city of Hassia at an actual production capacity of 30 to 300 k w/h.

Engineer Bassam Al-Yousef, Director of Planning and Statistics at the company pointed out that the station is carried out in two phases with a capacity of 2.5 M.W per turbine. The first turbine was installed and connected to Al-Dahabiya sub-station as performance tests are currently being conducted by the experts of the manufacturing company to install the second turbine at the later stage at the same capacity.

Regarding the location of the turbine installation, Al-Yousef indicated that several studies were conducted using sophisticated devices, during which the wind speed was measured to determine the quantity generated throughout the year and the possibility to ensure wind energy to run the turbines as many hours as possible during the year. Several areas from Tal Kalakh to Farquls east of Homs were identified as the best wind areas.

Eng. Assi Al-Yousef, Head of Energy Conservation Department in the company confirmed that the applications submitted by investors for carrying out alternative energy projects are being studied and provided with all the necessary facilities. "There are 12 applications submitted for investment in a number of areas in Homs, some of which are under study and others have obtained the necessary licenses to start implementation,” he said.

Two months ago, Homs Electricity Company, in cooperation with Mashreq Green Energy Company, had developed a solar power plant project to generate electricity with a capacity of 300 kw/h  in the industrial city of Hassia.

Amal Farhat- Homs