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Wind mill to generate electricity in Homs western countryside is to be established

Due to the increased need for alternative energy resources and the production of renewable energy in Syria, the first wind mill for generating electricity was installed near Sindiyanah area in Homs western countryside, which was badly damaged during the war and rebuilt by the Syrian government.

It’s noteworthy that Syria is a country rich in oil and gas and self-sufficient in energy resources as it used to export about 400 thousand barrels per day, but the war and sanctions caused a sharp decline in production to about 15 thousand barrels, causing a lack of resources. The need for such innovation has led to the manufacture and installation of the first wind mill for electric power generation in Syria and the Middle East.

This Syrian wind mill is the first of its kind in Syria in the field of renewable energies for

 generating power in Syria. This mill is manufactured in accordance with the latest international standards.

The engineers found that Sindiyanah area  is the suitable environment for the project which allows the investment of wind energy in the generation of electricity and provides energy alternative resources in light of the shortage of gas and fuel due to the US sanctions in addition to the terrorist groups ‘control of most of the areas of oil exploration..

The mill will be established with a capacity of 5 MW and will be connected to the “Golden” power plant in the western countryside of Homs.


Inas Abdulkareem