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Tim Anderson Explains to Damascus University Students How Western Countries Lied to their Peoples about Syria Events

DAMASCUS, (ST)-Tim Anderson, the Australian researcher and Professor of Political Sciences in Sydney University met on Wednesday with students and lecturers of Damascus University to talk about his book "the Dirty War on Syria".

He said that the book aims to uncover and explain the reality of events in Syria to the western public opinion and how the West planned and worked to launch a heinous terrorist war on the country accompanied by a war propaganda.    

He pointed out that he wrote the book, which was published in seven languages, in order to expose the lies and disinformation through which Syria's enemies aimed to impose a false reality which contradicts the real situation on the ground.

 For example, he said, these lies attempted to distort the image of the Syrian Arab army and to present what is happening in the country as a "civil war" in which the west is trying to intervene to allegedly fight extremist forces and restore stability.

Anderson pointed out that the United States has intentionally targeted the Syrian army in Deir Ezour in order to open the way for Daesh terrorists to gain more areas in a step that proves Washington's sponsorship and support for the terrorist organizations in Syria.

He added that he made sure of this fact when he met with the locals in that area and with the Syrian soldiers.

Hamda Mustafa