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Syria Taking Part in 23rd Session of the General Assembly of UN World Tourism Organization in Saint Petersburg

SAINT PETERSBURG, (ST)- Syria is taking part in the 23rd Session of the General Assembly of the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) which kicked off its activities in the Russian city of Saint Petersburg on Wednesday with the participation of 1200 delegations from 150 countries.

During the opening ceremony, President Vladimir Putin of Russia said that he counts on supporting Russia's request to commemorate the World Tourism Day in 2022 and on the opening of an International Tourism Center under the auspices of the World Tourism Organization, vowing effective government support for the development of tourism in Russia.

 The Syrian delegation, which is led by Tourism Minister Mohammad Rami Radwan Martini, presented a work paper stressing that Syria has all elements of cultural, medical, religious and entertainment tourism and that the Syrian tourism sector has the ability to ensure the infrastructure and logistic services necessary to encourage tourists.

The work paper reiterated that an atmosphere of security and stability has prevailed in the country after the gains achieved by the Syrian army in the fight against terrorist organizations countrywide.

Thanks to these gains, the tourism sector has started to witness notable recovery.

Hamda Mustafa