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More Syrian Refugees Return Home from Jordan

DARAA, (ST)- A number of displaced Syrian families, who left their country because of terrorism, have returned home via Nasib border crossing coming from "al-Azrak" refugee camp in Jordan.

Concerned parties offered all necessary facilitations to the returnees including transportation and medical service, according to SANA reporter.

Colonel Mazen Ghandour, Head of the Nasib Immigration Center told the reporter that the center is always ready to welcome the returnees, offer necessary services to them and transport them to their original places of residence in Daraa after the Syrian Arab army has liberated their areas.

 He pointed out that 27,400 people have returned via the Nasib crossing since mid October 2018 up till now.

The returnees were happy at coming back home after years of displacement in a refugee camp that lacks elements of suitable life.

They highly appreciated the sacrifices of the Syrian army in restoring peace and security to wide areas of the Syrian territory.

Hundreds of displaced families have returned from Jordan after the Syrian Arab army has expelled the terrorists from Daraa and restored security in the province.

Hamda Mustafa