Presidential advisor: Erdogan will be forced to leave Syrian territories. It is our decision and it is not up to him

Syrian Presidential Media and Political Advisor Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban has affirmed that the announcement of the ceasefire agreement in Idleb is approved by Syria and Russia and it has nothing to do with  rapprochements between other countries.

"The decision of ceasefire in IIdleb is temporary," she said, asserting that what has been done by terrorists in Idleb countryside is planned by countries. 

She underscored that any ceasefire agreement serves the big strategy of liberating every inch in the country.

"Turkey is not serious in dealing with de-escalation zones and Erdogan will be forced to leave the Syrian territories. This is our decision and it is not up to him," Dr. Shaaban added. 

She advised those who are dealing with the US to return to the homeland.

As for the constitutional committee, the advisor stressed that no final agreement has been reached yet. 

"The war on Syria comes within a world framework because of our desire to have an independent decision," she said in an interview with the Lebanese-based al-Mayadeen TV channel. 

Dr. Shaaban also pointed out that the Syrian state exerts every possible effort to meet the needs of Syrian people for oil, but we do not know the destination of Iranian oil tankers .

The advisor concluded by saying that President Bashar al-Assad's vision about the country is that every inch of Syrian territories will be liberated.

Basma Qaddour