Katuasha From Damascus to the World

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Under the motto " From Damascus to the World " the 61st Damascus International Fair launched its opening ceremony, which has witnessed the participation of 38 countries. However, what was quite new this year  was the Russian musical performance of "Katuasha" the well-known Russian song through a folkloric dance from the Republic of Crimea by Syrian dancers, affirming that music have always been a message of peace.  

On the sidelines of the ceremony, Syriatimes interviewed Mr. Eldar Kurbanov, Chargé d'affaire at Russian Embassy in Damascus, who expressed Russian condemnation  of the USA sanctions and attempts to prevent countries from participating in the 61st Damascus international fair,  " What we have witnessed  is unacceptable. It is another attempt of the United States to prevent other governments from their rights to help the Syrian people and Syrian Arabic republic to rebuild their country in this grave situation due to the terrorist attacks by foreign powers. The American government is threatening and trying to prevent us and other governments by imposing these unlawful sanctions on the Syrian government and people to prolong their suffering."  He affirmed to Syriatimes.

 Mr. Kurbanov expressed his cheerfulness in regards of  the opening ceremony of the 61st Damascus international fair since Russia took part in the staging  through a folkloric Crimean dance performed by a Syrian band " They dance quite well, just as Russian dancers! " Mr. Kurbanov exclaimed, affirming "It is a good sign of the cultural and artistic ties of Russian-Syrian correlations."  

Regarding the proportion and domains of the Russian participation in the 61st Damascus International Fair, Syriatimes meet Mr. Georgy Kobazai, Head of trade & Economy section of the Russian Embassy in Damascus, who explained that "Sixteen companies are participating from Russia, in addition to 4 regions: Rostov federal section of Russia, Republic of Crimea, Republic of Mordovia and Republic of Tatarstan. Our participation includes variations in the following sectors: machinery, wood industry, chemistry, equipment for oil and gas industries, agricultural crops industries, cable and lightening products."

In the Russian Wing at the Fair Syriatimes meet, Dr. Georgy L. Muradov, Deputy Prime Minister_ Permanent Representative of the Republic of Crimea to the President of the Russian Federation, Ambassador; who gave the following statement "The Republic of Crimea is located on the Black  Sea region very close to Syria so we have direct ties through the sea. Our participation includes sigining an agreement on trade and economic relations between the ministry of Trade &Foreign Economy of Crimea and  Council of ministers of the Syrian Arab Republic; which will provide for cooperation in matters of trade through establishing Crimean-Syrian Trading House  which will work in different positions. We are interested in importing fruits and vegetables from Syria and exporting our wheat. However the trade exchanges will not be restricted to agricultural crops products, but will vary to include machinery, ship building, chemical products necessary for Crimea, and of course necessary materials for restoration in Syria after this terroristic War against the people of Syria."

The large participation of Russia at Damascus International Fair this year through a large number of companies interested in the rebuilding process, in addition to the high representation of several Russian federations is a good indicator of Syrian-Russian ongoing partnership.

 Interview and Report: Lama Alhassanieh