Czech Red Cross to Send Medical Aid, Including Ambulances, Baby Incubators, to Syria

Prague, (ST)- Secretary General of the Czech Red Cross Josef Konecny has stressed that work is underway to send more medical assistance to the Syrian people.

He made the remarks during a meeting on Friday with the Charge de Affairs of the Syrian Embassy in Prague Amira Karawani. Talks focused on preparations for sending a new batch of medical supplies by the Czech Red Cross to the Syrian people.

The aid is two ambulances, 13 baby incubators and different medical equipments.

Karawani thanked the Czech government and the Czech Red Cross for the medical assistance they have been providing for the Syrian people who have been suffering from the terrorist acts of vandalism, including acts against the Syrian health facilities.

 In 2016, the Czech Republic dedicated a humanitarian and development  amount of money estimated at 195 million koruna. In June, 2018, the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs also prepared a plan to provide humanitarian aid to Syria between 2020 to 2021 at a value of 100 million Czech koruna (3.9 million euros).

Hamda Mustafa