French National Rally Party delegation’s members: We feel safe, we are more than welcomed in Syria

Two members of the French National Rally Party delegation, who are visiting Syria, have posted on their FB pages their impression on what they see in Syria  

Virginie Joron said: “I am proud to participate in this delegation to represent the voice of France in Syria. My first impressions is that there is a big difference between what is being circulated about the situation in Syria and the reality.. we feel safe, we feel good, no aggression, no hostility in the streets of Damascus. Indeed, we are more than welcomed. Some are even happy to see French people and able to speak our language. They come to say hello to us . Yet, it is a people who no longer have the right to import and export because of international sanctions.

n his part, Nicolas Bay said: “We must stop considering Syria an enemy country. It plays a key role in the stability of the region… International sanctions on it must stop.”

Basma Qaddour