Syrian army regains control over several areas in Idleb countryside, eliminates tens of foreign terrorists

IDLEB,(ST)_ A military source has confirmed the continuity of Syrian army’s operations against armed terrorist groups in the south and south-east sides of Idleb, according to the Syrian News Agency (SANA).

The agency quoted the source as saying that the Syrian army has cleansed till this morning several towns and hills and has recaptured al-Khwin al-Kabir, Ghbar hil, al-Sekyat, Sekyat hill, Taman’a, Turki hill, Sayyed Ali hill, Sayyed Jaafar hill and the eastern and western farms of Taman’aa.

In this context, the Lebanese-based al-Mayadden TV channel reported that tens of terrorists, most of them of foreign nationalities, were eliminated when the Syrian army recaptured al-Taman’a town in Idleb countryside.

Basma Qaddour