Syria Discusses Economic Cooperation with Iran, Belarus and Lebanon

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Prime Minster Emad Khamis on Thursday held talks on economic cooperation with delegations from Iran, Belarus and Lebanon.

The prime minister's talks with Iran's Minister of Roads and Urban Development Mohammad Eslami focused on the importance of contacts between the Iranian and Syrian companies participating in Damascus International Fair to build solid bases for Industrial, trade and investment cooperation.

 Focus was also put on the need to uplift the economic relations between Syria and Iran to the level of strategic relations.

 The role of commerce chambers in reactivating relations between the private sectors in both countries in addition to the Iranian participation in the reconstruction era were discussed.

In a relevant context, Khamis met the Belarusian Industry Minister Utiupin Pavel Vladimirovich and discussed with him industrial and agricultural cooperation as well as means of establishing economic partnerships.

Also, Khamis and the Lebanese State Minister for Parliament Affairs Mahmoud al-Qumati called for benefiting from the economic and trade opportunities provided by  Damascus International Fair to enhance trade exchange and find joint markets for the products of the two countries.

Hamda Mustafa