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The European Union has lost any positive role as a result of its blind subordination to US policies, says Susan

Damascus, (ST) - Assistant Foreign and Expatriates Minister Dr. Ayman Sousan met on Thursday a delegation of MPs from the European Parliament headed by MP Thierry Mariani.

During the meeting, they reviewed the developments in Syria, where Dr. Susan affirmed Syria's decision to continue chasing the remnants of the terrorists until their elimination and clearing all areas of terrorism.

The Assistant Foreign Minister and Expatriates explained to the guest delegation the dangers of US and Turkish policies in Syria that support terrorism and hinder the solution to the crisis.

 He pointed out that the European Union has lost any positive role in the international arena due to the loss of independence and blind dependence on US policies, which contradicts European interests and makes the EU a partner in responsibility for the problems in the world.

For his part, MP Mariani ,indicated that the right-wing bloc at the European Parliament will work on clarifying the truth of what is taking place in Syria and on changing the approach of the EU towards Syria in a way that would lead to getting out of the crisis and the return of security and stability to the country.

The members of the delegation expressed their happiness at participating in the celebration of the opening of the Damascus International Fair and the importance of the participation of a large number of countries.

Raghda Sawas