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Syrian army destroyed terrorists’ caches by drones, killing over 1000 terrorists in Hama and Idleb

The tactic used by the Syrian army to liberate the northern countryside of Hama and the strategic Khan Sheikhoun city in the south of Idleb is not similar to the ones it used to liberate the other areas in Syria from terrorist groups, the al-AIkhbaria TV channel’s war correspondent Rabee Debeh said.

He added: “Since May 16 and until yesterday, the army has used the policy of gradual recapturing of the towns and it managed to recapture the first line of defense from terrorist groups and broke their backbone by eliminating more than 1000 terrorists in addition to ringleaders affiliated to Al-Asa'ib Al-Hamra, Al-Ezza battalions, Haiet Tahrir al-Sham and al-Nusra Front.”

Along the road of 60 kilometers in length that extends from Madeq citadel till Morkek bridge and Khan Shiekhoun city, the terrorist groups used strong  fortifications, caves, tunnels and military operation centers under the ground. They desperately tried to move the battlefield to the Syrian army-held areas and they used car bombs to break through these areas.

The terrorist groups tried to storm the Syrian army-held areas but they were eliminated in ambushes set up by Syrian army, the correspondent stressed.

He indicated that the recapture of a-Habit town by Syrian army caused the collapse of terrorists, who started to withdraw via cars and motorbikes towards Marret al-Noaman and Idleb city.

“The Syrian army targeted the terrorists that were trying to flee, killing them and destroying their vehicles.” Debeh affirmed.

He referred to the fact that Syrian army used drones to destroy the terrorist groups’ strategic stores that included TAO missiles sent to them by Turkey in order to change the balance of power on the ground.

Now, the Syrian army units are removing mines, opening roads between towns

and setting up strong fortifications to prevent terrorist group from breaking through the liberated areas.

Basma Qaddour