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Cuba, Syria Boosting Cooperation in the Confrontation of US Sanctions: Ambassador

DAMASCUS, (ST)-Cuba's Ambassador in Damascus Miguel Porto Parga has affirmed that Syria and Cuba are friends facing a common enemy represented by the United States which has been imposing an economic siege on both countries.

In a recent statement to the Syrian News Agency SANA,  Porto Parga  said that the Syrian-Cuban relations are based on mutual respect and a joint struggle to defend sovereignty, independence and national interests. He added that the two countries, which celebrate the 54th anniversary of establishing diplomatic ties this month, support just causes and they are working to enhance cooperation in the face of the US unilateral coercive measures imposed on them.

 The Cuban diplomat went on to say that his country will take part in the activities of the 61st Damascus International Fair despite the US economic siege. Cuba's pavilion in the fair will exhibit some products relating to biotechnology, medicine industry and the famous Cuban cigar.

Porto Parga made it clear that a delegation representing "Biocuba Farma", a company that produces high technology medicines and provides training to medical staff,  has visited Syria recently. Some of the products of this company will be exhibited at the Cuban pavilion in Damascus International Fair.

The ambassador talked about higher education cooperation between Syria and Cuba, noting that hundreds of Syrian students have graduated from the Cuban universities and that there are many Cuban students who have graduated from the Syrian universities, five of them have become diplomats representing Cuba in other countries of the world.

He underlined the importance of consolidating cultural cooperation through holding joint exhibitions and cultural activities in both countries.

Hamda Mustafa