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US Convoy of Tens of Trucks Enters Syria's Qamishli with Military Equipments Destined for "Qasad" Militia

HASAKA, (ST)- The United States continues to violate international laws by supporting terrorist organizations in Syria, mainly "Qasad" militia or the so-called Syria Democratic Force (SDF) in the northeast of the country.

In a fresh development,  a convoy  of tens of trucks with military equipments and logistic aid on board, sent by the US occupation forces to Washington-backed "Qasad", entered illegally the Syrian city of Qamishly during the past hours. The convoy aims to support Qasad separatist militias who have been besieging thousands of civilians in the Syrian al-Jazira region in the northeastern part of the country.

 Local sources in Qamishli said the convoy entered via Simalka crossing which links between Kurdistan region in the north of Iraq and Syria's Hasaka. It crossed into al-Hilalia neighborhood in northern Qamishli and headed towards Ras al-Ein area in the northwest of Hasaka city.

On August 6th, the US forces sent to Qasad militants a convoy of 200 trucks carrying military aid. The convoy entered Qamishli city also via Simalka crossing.

 The US troops are illegally present in the eastern and northeastern regions of Syria under the pretext of fighting "Daesh" terrorist organization. However, many reports and facts on the ground confirm the close connection between Washington and this terror takfiri organization and show that Washington has been providing Daesh with different forms of military and logistic support. The reports also affirm that the illegal US-led coalition has committed massacres against the Syrian civilians.  

Hamda Mustafa