US-Backed "Qasad" Continues to Terrorize Civilians in the Syrian al-Jazira Region

HASAKA, (ST)-The US-backed "Qasad" (Syria Democratic Forces) militia has stepped up its aggressive and repressive practices against civilians in the Syrian al-Jazira region in order to terrorize all who reject its attacks and acts of looting which are being committed under the sight of the US occupation forces.

Qasad's  aggressive acts target youths, women and children in al-Jazira area around the clock. The militia carries out "forcible recruitment" campaigns against the youths to force them to fight within the militia's ranks.

Also, according to local sources, two women were injured over the past hours when Qasad militia opened fire against the women in al-Hawl camp in Hasaka southeastern countryside who were trying to defend a child who was being beaten by a Qasad militant. Five women were arrested in this incident, the local sources said.

 On Tuesday, Osama Obeid, a 13 years old child, died because of serious injury he suffered after Qasad opened fire while breaking into the child's house in al-Gharb village in Hasaka southern countryside . The boy was afraid that the militia came to take him to the camps of forcible recruitment so he tried to flee, according to the sources. Three civilians were also injured by "Qasad" militants' gunfire while trying to transfer the child to the hospital.

"Qasad" militia used to conduct raids and search campaigns in the villages of Hasaka countryside under the pretext of searching for sleeper cells of Daesh (ISIS) terrorist organization in order to arrest the youths and the children and take them to forcible recruitment camps.

In an aggressive act against the local community in the area, "Qasad" set fire to tens of thousands of hectares of agricultural lands planted with wheat and barley during harvesting time in response to the farmers' refusal to deal with these militias and their insistence to sell their cereal crops to the government institutions. Qasad groups also seized some crops and smuggle them.   

  Hamda Mustafa