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22 thousand passengers and 5 thousand cars have passed Jusiyah crossing border since the beginning of this year

Head of Jusiyah crossing border Dabbah Misha’al said that the number of the arriving and departing passengers crossing the border has reached 22thousand since the beginning of this year.

The movement of the crossing cars from and to the crossing border has remarkably increased to 5 thousand cars, Misha’al pointed out adding that the movement of passengers and cars has doubled compared with 2018which was estimated at 11.500 passengers and 2500 cars.

Misha’al confirmed that the movement increase reflects that the situation of the border is good and in turn will achieve an increase in financial revenues.

Misha’ah added that the movement in the crossing border might be better and might double if the Lebanese side offered facilitations to the Syrian citizens’ entrance to Lebanon, noting that the conditions laid down by the Lebanese side concerning their entrance to Lebanon make the Syrian citizen unwilling to enter the Lebanese territories.

Jusiyah crossing border witnesses this year the return of three batches of Syrian displaced people; Misha’al confirmed and highlighted the material and logistic supplies offered by Homs Governorate to get them back to where they live.

Misha’al pointed out that the crossing border is currently completely ready to be a first class trade crossing border but the Lebanese side is unready yet, referring to the incessant contact with the parties concerned in Lebanon and Syria to open the border for receiving freight and transit vehicles and restoring the trade movement as it was previously.


Inas Abdulkareem