Syrian Army's Operation against Terrorists in Idleb "Absolutely Legitimate": Russian MP

MOSCOW, (ST)- The First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee for Foreign Affairs, Vladimir Jabarov has stressed that the Syrian Arab army's operation against terrorists in Idleb is "absolutely legitimate".

"The Syrian army is doing its duty, which is defending the Syrian lands against terrorists," Jabarov said in a statement on Monday, pointing out that Russia supports Syria's counterterrorism efforts.

The Russian parliamentarian reiterated his country's rejection of any kind of intervention by any country in Syria without a request from the Syrian government.


Idleb has been a major stronghold of terrorists, most of whom are affiliated to Jabhat al-Nusra, blacklisted by the UN as a terrorist organization, and to other terror groups. These groups comprise many foreign terrorists who have entered Syria across the Turkish borders with the help of the Turkish regime that has been supplying the terrorists with different sophisticated weapons  to attack the Syrian army positions and the neighboring peaceful villages.

Hamda Mustafa