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Recent Remarks by US Officials on Establishing "Safe Zone" in Syria Provocative: Tehran

 TEHRAN, (ST)-The latest remarks by US officials on the establishment of  a so-called "safe zone" in Syria are provocative and worrisome, stressed Spokesman of the Iranian Foreign Ministry Abbas Mousavi .

In a statement on Sunday, Mousavi said "such procedures are destabilizing like other practices by US officials. They constitute an intervention in Syria's internal affairs and would create further chaos in the region".

The Iranian diplomat affirmed that the Americans' behavior in the northeastern part of Syria is a flagrant violation of the Syrian sovereignty and  territorial integrity and it contradicts the principles of the International law and the UN Charter.

 He pointed out that there is no need for the interference of any foreign forces in Syria under whatever pretext.

Syria has expressed its full rejection of the deal announced by the US and Turkish occupation on the establishment of  a so-called "safe zone", affirming that this it is a flagrant violation of Syria's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Hamda Mustafa