Planned US-Turkey Operation Center Meant to Keep Syria off Balance, Says Analyst

A political analyst says the US’s plan to set up a joint command center with Turkey to coordinate a so-called safe zone in Syria is aimed at blocking the Syrian army’s advances on the battlefield against foreign-backed militants.

“The United States is trying to disrupt the consolidation of the Syrian government over its country so that it keeps it distracted by that particular task,” and prevent it from working with  its allies, namely Iran and Russia, in the battle against terrorism, Michael Lane, founder of American Institute for Foreign Policy, told Press TV.

 “The United States’ purpose or vision is to keep Syria from becoming part of a triangle of Iran, Russia and Syria,” he said.

Last week, Turkey and the US reached an agreement on the establishment of the joint center in the wake of Ankara’s threats to launch a military operation in northern Syria.

A US delegation arrived in Turkey on Wednesday to set up the operation center in the country for the stated purpose of creating a so-called “safe zone” in Syria.

The political commentator further said “Syria has won this war but the United States does continue to have interests and objectives in the theater in the region and therefore keeping Syria off balance.”

James Jatras, former US Senate foreign policy analyst, who also attended the show, described as “significant” the recent victories of Syrian government forces against the foreign-sponsored militants, saying “Washington wants to keep things as chaotic as possible.”

He further criticized the US, whose forces have been illegally  operating on Syrian soil, challenging Washington’s claim that it is fighting the Daesh terrorists in Syria.

“It is a very ugly side of the American policy” to claim that we are fighting terrorists in Syria,” said the analysts, adding that this “is how bizarre American policy has become.”

The political analyst said that the US has for long been using terrorists as proxies to advance its objectives.

Criticizing the US administration for its failure to withdraw American forces from Syria, he said the advisers in the cabinet that President Trump has assembled “collectively have been able to persuade him to go very very slow in implementing his withdrawal.”