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2 civilians martyred, 2 others injured in a terror rocket attack on Sqelbeyeh city in Hama

HAMA, (ST)_In less than 24 hours after their terror rocket attacks on Jorin and Ein Slimo towns in the northwestern countryside of Hama where 3 civilians were martyred and 6 others were wounded, al-Nusra Front terrorists fired rockets on Sqelbeyeh city in the same province, killing 2 civilians and wounding 2 others.

According to the Syrian News Agency  (SANA), al-Nusra Front terrorists, holed up in the de-escalation zone, fired today rockets on Sqelbeyeh city, killing 2 civilians and wounding 2 others and causing damage to homes.  

Syrian army units responded to the terror attack and destroyed several rocket launchers for terrorists.

Basma Qaddour