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Syria, DPRK Discuss Cooperation, Coordination to Face Coercive Economic Measures Imposed by U.S. and Its Allies

PYONGYANG, (ST)- Syria and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea DPRK have stressed the need to deepen cooperation and coordination between the two countries as to face the common challenges mainly the economic terrorism and the unilateral coercive economic measures imposed by the United States and its allies on the two countries.

During an official round of talks held on Monday in Pyongyang, Walid al-Moallem, Syria's Deputy Premier, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates and the Foreign Minister of Democratic Korea Ri Yong-ho focused on the deep-rooted friendship between the two countries and affirmed the need to enhance bilateral ties, particularly in the economic domain to serve the interests of the peoples of both countries.

 The two sides reiterated the necessity to reactivate the trade, economic and cultural cooperation agreements signed between Syria and the DPRK and the importance of exchanging visits at all levels and of mutual support at international forums.

Focus during the talks also was put on developments in the Middle East and East Asia and on regional and international issues of common interests. View points were identical on all discussed topics.

Al-Moallem: Syria fully support s DPRK in the face of US hegemony and aggressive policies

The Syrian top diplomat hailed the steadfastness of the Korean people in the face of the US hegemonic and aggressive policies, stressing Syria's support for the DPRK's stance that calls for lifting the economic siege imposed on the Korean people.

Al-Moallem talked about developments in Syria and the Syrian government's efforts to fight terrorism and confront hegemony attempts as well as the unilateral coercive measures that has been targeting Syria's sovereignty, independent decision and territorial integrity.

He thanked the Korean people and leadership for supporting Syria in defense of its just causes and in confrontation of the Israeli occupation and the terrorist war which has targeted the country over the past years with strong and continuous support by regional and international powers, mainly the United States.

Yong-Ho: Syria will achieve victory over imperialism and aggression forces

On his part, Yong-Ho stressed that Syria will achieve victory over US imperialist and aggressive policies which back Israel and its tools, noting the DPRK's firm support for Syria in the face of challenges and to restore occupied Syrian Golan. He expressed his country's desire to boost the strategic relations with Syria and its readiness to contribute to reconstruction process.

He pointed out that cooperation and self-reliance of the two countries will enable both of them to face the sanctions and blockade imposed by their enemies on them.

The Korean minister affirmed that his country seeks achieving the aspirations of its people and attaining peace and security in the Korean Peninsula, pointing out that the DPRK won't surrender to the American pressure.

Following the round of talks, the two ministers signed a memorandum of understanding to establish a committee for political consultation between Syria and Democratic Korea aiming to consolidate contacts and coordination on different issues of common interests.

The talks were attended by the delegation accompanying al-Moallem and senior officials at the foreign ministry of the DPRK.

Hamda Mustafa