Al-Moallem to al-Mayadeen TV: Entire Syrian Territory Will Be Liberated from Terrorism Soon

BEIJING, (ST)- Deputy Premier, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Walid al-Moallem has stressed that the entire Syrian territory will be liberated from Terrorism soon and that efforts to reach political settlement in Syria continue based on the fact that the Syrian constitution is a Syrian affair that concerns only the Syrians and it must embody their aspirations.

Interviewed by the "al-Mayadeen TV" on Wednesday during his current visit to China, al-Moallem said "we never attacked anybody and we don't try to have aspirations in other countries..We want to liberate our land from terrorism..This is our legitimate right, so I would like to say that the age of terrorism is short and states are the ones to stay and continue, particularly if they have patient steadfast people who has hope that the liberation of the entire Syrian territory has become so near."

 "We don't seek military confrontation with Turkey, but this is different from confronting the terrorist organizations which are originally blacklisted by the United Nations," added al-Moallem, reiterating that Idleb is a Syrian province and the Syrian Arab Army's operations against terrorists there are carried out within the Syrian territories.

Al-Moallem explained that the Turkish regime didn't honor its commitment to implementing the de-escalation zone agreement in Idleb, pointing out that the internationally-blacklisted "Jabhat al-Nusra" terror organization is controlling most of the terrorist groups there.

He hoped that Syria, through its political and geographical position will be an element of stability and security for the entire region.  

Replying a question on whether Idleb battle is expected to lead to the withdrawal of the Turkish regime forces from Syria, al-Moallem said "we hope so and work to achieve this, because the concept of occupation has come to an end..We are not in the Middle Ages or in wars that end in treaties that achieve occupation forces' aspirations."

He made it clear that "in all Security Council resolutions and as recognized by the United Nations and by the international community and Turkey itself, Syria is a sovereign independent state..those who acknowledge this fact must respect and apply it."

Terrorism backfires on its supporters

The Syrian top diplomat went on to say that the Turkish regime, which occupies parts from Syria must withdraw its forces and recognize the territorial integrity and independence of Syria. "If Turkey doesn't do so we will consider it an occupying force that is not different from Israel," he clarified, stressing that the Turkish regime must also stop training and arming the terrorist groups, because experience has proved that terrorism backfires on its supporters.

On the return of the displaced Syrians, al-Moallem said "we welcome the displaced return and we have been providing all facilitations for this purpose. Astana meetings on Syria have discussed this issue, but the West is the party which hinders the return of the displaced by associating it to some conditions relating to political settlement and elections."

On China's role in the region, al-Maollem said that China is a permanent member of the Security Council and it has been seeking to play a constructive role in attaining peace and stability in the region." He added that also, Syria, under the leadership of President Bashar Al-Assad, has been directing its foreign relations eastward and "of course China was among our priorities".

He pointed out that during his visit to China he felt a positive spirit and determination by the Chinese officials to enhance economic relations with Syria.  

Hamda Mustafa