Work Underway to Facilitate Safe Return of Displaced Syrians to Their Homeland: Social Affairs Minister

GENEVA, (ST)- Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Rima Qaderi has stressed that the ministry will continue to tackle the terrorist war's repercussions on the Syrian people as well as on the Syrian economic and social infrastructure, job market and human resources and will keep working to enhance elements of socio-economic stability in Syria.

In a statement at the 108th session of the International Labour Conference, Qaderi said that work is underway to facilitate the safe return of the displaced Syrian citizens, who were forced to leave their homeland because of terrorism. She added that the return of the displaced citizens will form a solid ground for restoring development tracks with the effective and productive participation of all the Syrians and within a suitable and motivating work environment where job opportunities are available to all.

 Qaderi pointed out that the ministry is implementing several programs to encourage production and reactivate the job market within very difficult circumstances caused by limited human and financial resources, by some countries' funding of the terrorist war on Syria and by the unilateral coercive economic measures imposed on the Syrians in a bid to hinder Syria's recovery and reconstruction.  

The minister noted the systematic terrorism and oppressive arbitrary racial policies practiced by the Israeli occupation against the Syrian workers in the occupied Syrian Golan  such as depriving them from benefiting from their agricultural properties and water resources and undermining any chance for them to carry out any economic activities there.

She stressed that the occupied Syrian Golan will continue to be a Syrian Arab land and that this is an unchangeable fact that won't be affected by an irresponsible decision of any country.

She hailed as positive the resumption of the cooperation program between the International Labour Organization (ILO) and Syria during 2018, expressing hope that this cooperation program will include supporting the return of the displaced Syrians from neighboring countries.

Activities of the International Labour Conference were launched in Geneva on June 10th with the participation of 187 countries member in the ILO. The conference will continue till June 21st.

Hamda Mustafa