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New Terror Rocket Attack on Hadid Village in Hama Northern Countryside Burns Agricultural Fields

HAMA, (ST)- In a new violation of the de-escalation zone agreement, the terrorist groups newly fired rockets on Sheikh Hadid village in Hama northern countryside, targeting the locals' properties and agricultural lands.

SANA reporter said that the terrorists of Jabhat al-Nusra and "al-Izza Brigades" terror groups which have positions in the towns of Latamneh and Kfar Zeita fired on Monday 15 rockets against locals' houses and agricultural lands in Sheikh Hadid village, to the north of the city of Mhardeh in Hama northern Countryside.

The reporter pointed out that the rocket attacks caused material damage to citizens' houses and properties and led fires to erupt in crops.

 On Monday, the terrorist groups fired several rockets at residential neighborhoods in Mhardeh, causing material damage to houses and properties.

SANA reporter said that the Syrian Arab Army retaliated against the terrorist groups attacks by shelling their positions and destroying their rocket launch pads and killing and wounding many terrorists.

Hamda Mustafa