Al-Halqi discusses with Russian Ambassador development of bilateral relations

DAMASCUS,(ST)-Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi highlighted the deeply-rooted historical and strategic relations between Syria and Russia and its role in promoting economic and trade relations.

During the meeting held on Sunday with the Russian Ambassador to Syria  Azmat Kulmuhametov, Premier al-Halqi outlined the steadfast and firm stances of the Russian leadership and people regarding the comprehensive aggressive war waged against Syria and their support to the Syrian people in face of the conspiracy targeting stability and security of Syria and the region to facilitate passing the US-Zionist schemes.

For his part, Kulmuhametov stressed the Russian firm stance regarding the crisis in Syria and his country's support to the Syrian leadership and people, pointing out that those who bet on changing the Russian stance are mistaken.

The meeting dealt with means of developing trade and economic relations to include all other domains including oil, electricity, medicine, transport and communication to consolidate Syria's steadfastness in the face of the unjust siege imposed on it.

Premier al-Halqi confirmed that the government seeks to support steadfastness of the national economy and enhance the national comprehensive dialogue as the only outlet to the crisis, hailing the capabilities of our brave army and the great victory it has achieved lately in getting  rid of the armed terrorist groups, thanking the Russian leadership and people for supporting the Syrian people and offering humanitarian aid to the people harmed due to the terrorist action .