Baath Party Foundation Anniversary Marked with More Determination to Defeat Terrorism

DAMASCUS, (ST) - The Baath Arab Socialist Party's 66th Foundation Anniversary comes as Syria is experiencing a terrorist global war in which developed weapons and high-tech misleading media are used aiming to destroy the state and weaken the Syrian army, the Baath Party Regional and National Leaderships said on Saturday.

In a statement issued on this occasion, the Regional Leadership stressed the Syrian people's determination to confront the terrorist aggression which has been targeting Syria's national role and achievements which have aimed to build a strong state that is able to protect its sovereignty and independence.

The leadership statement highlighted the party's eventful history of struggle and its ability to deal with developments through preserving people's interests and embodying their aspirations.

It stressed that the ongoing confrontation with the foreign-backed terrorists and mercenaries aims to protect Syria, build the national Arab project and foil the US-Zionist scheme which aims to fragment and dominate the region.

The statement pointed out that this confrontation necessitates from all parties to unify potentials to overcome the challenges.

It affirmed the need to maintain the achievements attained in Syria by the Syrian people under the leadership of the Baath Party and other national forces within the framework of the country's process of building and development which helped the state be independent in its political decision, economy and social culture. 

The statement asserted adherence to Syria's principled stances, particularly towards resisting the Zionist-US project against the region and stressed the party's current and future role within the framework of the solutions proposed by the new constitution which is based on democracy and pluralism.

According to the statement, the party affirmed the importance of working hard to implement the political solution initiative and to build Syria in accordance with the political program to solve the crisis through national dialogue which leads to an all-out national charter approved by the people themselves.

It highly appreciated the honorable role of the Syrian Arab Army in defending Syria and called for rebuilding the national unity through dialogue, understanding and accepting others' views on the basis of respecting Syria's sovereignty and independence and on rejecting foreign interference in the country's affairs.

"All Baathists, now more than ever, have to enhance their role in urging the Syrian local popular community to defend the homeland and its achievements," the statement said.

For its part, the National Leadership of the Baath Party issued a statement on the Party's Foundation anniversary stressing that since its foundation the party was very much influential and dynamic in the development of Arab countries.

"The party supported Iraq against the American occupation and other colonialist projects. It also fought in occupied Palestine, launched October Liberation War, faced the Zionist occupation army in Lebanon and backed Algeria, Yemen and Sudan's stances at all Arab arenas. In addition,  the party played a great role in building modern Syria," the national leadership said.   

H. Mustafa