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Army target terrorist groupings in Idleb, Hama and Damascus countryside


 PROVINCES,(ST)_The Syrian Arab Army continues hunting down foreign-backed terrorist groups everyplace to restore stability and security across the country.

Today, armed forces clashed with terrorist groups in Jobar and Barze areas in Damascus countryside and killed and injured many of their members who affiliate to al-Nusra Front.

It was also reported that a lot of terrorists were eliminated in Adra, Duma, and al-Mleha areas in the same province during qualitative operations carried out by the armed forces.

In addition, the armed forces encircled east al-Ghota (in Damascus countryside) and cleansed the area linking Damascus International Airport to south-west al-Dmir from terrorists. 

Meanwhile, countryside of Hama, Homs, and Idleb saw several qualitative operations ended in destroying several terrorist groupings and their vehicles.

Other units of armed forces reportedly targeted several boats carrying terrorists and ammunitions in al-Holeh lake.

The terrorist groups, who are exported from 40 countries, perpetrate heinous crimes against citizens and destroy the country's infrastructure, are funded and supported by Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Britain, France, and the US.