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Interior Minister: Terrorists will be Crushed by the Syrian Army

LATTAKIA,(ST)_ Minister of the Interior Maj. Gen. Mohammed Ibrahim  al-Shaar  said that Syria is exposed to a  fierce  war planned by world imperialism led by the US and Zionist circles and implemented by  hirelings in the region  to fragment the Arab region and plunder its resources.

During his meeting  with police units commanders in Lattakia on Friday, the Minister noted that the US is trying  through the Syrian gate  to implement the new Middle east project after its failure in partitioning Lebanon, in achieving  its  objectives  of   the occupation of Iraq and  in liquidating  the Palestinian cause.

The Minister indicated that the  West is funding and arming terrorist groups and extremist forces which carried out  crimes and  acts of murder and sabotage against the Syrian people  in order  to undermine the components of the State, emphasizing Syria 's  right and duty to safeguard the interests of its people and  their property, public and private, and  that  the armed terrorist groups will be crushed by the Syrian  army.

He called on Ministry 's  units commanders  for more awareness  of the risks of the conspiracy planned against the country, to improve their performance  to ensure safety and comfort for citizens and communicate with citizens  to identify their concerns and  solve them  appropriately.

He noted the  issue of displaced Syrians abroad , as a way to blackmail Syria  by recruiting  some of them  against their Syrian brothers in coordination and supervision of the U.S.   and Saudi and Qatari support, calling on citizens who were forced by armed terrorist groups to leave their homes to return to return back , stressing the Ministry 's  readiness to provide  necessary facilities in this area.

He pointed to the importance of Legislative Decree No. 20 of 2013 on the crime of kidnapping people and affiliated penalties and its significance in  suppression of such crimes which are ode  to the ethics  of the Syrian people.

Al-Shaar, on the other hand,  met with parliament members in Lattakia  on issues of concern to citizens concerning  police services.

He toured the central prison in Lattakia  and asked for following up prisoners 's issues  according to enforced laws and regulations.

 T. Fateh