Billion and 869 million sp costs of water projects during this year

 Homs, (ST)- Several projects have been carried out by Homs Water company to supply the widest residential areas with drinking water, maintain damaged networks, and take serious steps to reduce the waste of water. The most important of these are the replacement of pipes and the continuous maintenance works in various areas in addition to drilling new wells in several areas according to the available possibilities.

The investment plan for the current year is two billion and 300 million SP where the expenditure amounted at 488 million SP until the end of March, the financial expenditure reached 21% and  the amount of financial achievement scored 34%.

Regarding  the most important projects implemented for the current year, Eng. Hassan Hmaidan, Director General of the Company said that there are a number of projects that have been completed, including the replacement of the sewage network of station 1 and in the villages of Um al-Sarj and Um Jamea,  the construction of a 100 sq. meter  ground tank, drilling wells  in Dardaria and Umm al-Dawali villages, As well as  drilling of a reserve well for the well No. 5 in Talkalkh,the replacement of the water pumping lines of the Fahil , Al-Rjaballia  and Dibin 2 villages, digging a well in  Bab al-Hawa Abu Khashba, the implementation of the sewage network of the Wadi al-Dahab areas, carrying out  the water purification project (HTH ) in Ein al-Tanur and the replacement of the pumping lines in the villages of Tel Safa, Um Jamea and Um Haratin.


Mr. Hmaidan stressed that work continues at a high rate in several projects to be implemented in the set time, namely the projects of replacing the water network of Marj Al-Qata , replacing the water pumping line of Almstura , as well as  maintaining  the pumping stations and digging wells in the Akkari region.

Supplying the village of Al Rayyan with water, drilling a well in Nuweihah, carrying out irrigation projects in Shanshar, implementing the Western Farahania pumping line from the Talbisa pumping station, replacing the pumping lines in the villages of Kanesa , Balqsa and Al-Mahfoura, are also vital projects that the company have  to get them done on time.

Eng. Hmaidan explained that there are several projects which are under contract including digging wells and replacing  water lines in the villages of Fulla and al-Haraki, as well as  replacing the sewage network in the old suburb of Al-Walid, pointing out that the number of villages equipped with fresh water reaches 472.

The implemented Projects

Mr. Hmaidan stressed  that the company has implemented many vital projects last year, the most important of which are; the project of rehabilitating the northern rural areas and Al-Ghantu station, preparing some main pumping lines and networks, drilling wells for the villages of Al-Froqlus, Al-Bureij and Aish Al-Shouha and  maintaining  drinking water systems in Al-Khalidiya district, stressing that the company has carried out a number of these projects  in coordination with international organizations .

An ambitious plan

As for the most important projects which are included in the agenda of the current year, Mr. Hmaidan said: "there are a lot of projects that the company has to carry out this year including projects for replacing pumping lines to supply a number of villages with fresh water. There are another projects for  replacing the networks of Al -Assad suburb  and the replacement of sewage network for the area of Bab al-Sebaa - Al-Khader district, in addition to securing all the needed mechanical and electrical equipment for the project of Al-Rayyan village.

Cooperation with international organizations

Eng. Hmaidan confirmed that the company has set coordination relations with international organizations to assist in the execution of some projects, such as  the replacement of five medium voltage circuit breakers 6,3 KVA in Ain Al-Tanur power station, the rehabilitation of projects in Ain Al- Dnaner, Muhayn, Zafarana, Zemaymer, Gharnatta. In addition to the maintenance of the pumping line and the network of Umm Sharshouh and the high reservoirs in Rastan, as well as constructing high reservoirs in Ghantu, Tir Maala, Addar Al-Kabeira, Umm Sharshouh, Teldo , the Western Taibeh and Talbisa .

Coordination has also been done to replace the pumping lines in many villages and areas implementing irrigation projects in several villages, replacing sewage networks in the streets of various neighborhoods of Bab al-Sebaa , Akrama, Karam al-Shami , al- Mahtta Bab Hood Abbasiyah, al- Ghouta and al-Basel suburb ..

The reconstruction plan

On the reconstruction plan of the province, Eng. Hmaidan said that work is continuing in full swing in the project of  restoring  and rehabilitating the company's building in Wadi Al-Sayeh neighborhood and the percentage of material achievement reached 80%.

As for the reconstruction plan of the ministry, he explained that work is going on to implement a number of urgent projects, including the city water supply project, (the first phase), the project of rehabilitating  al- Mubarakiyah region and the well of Kisin , pointing out that  a number of projects have been completed, namely the rehabilitation of the water networks and pumping stations and lines in the villages of the northern and eastern countryside of Homs.

Two projects , which are part of the ministry's emergency plan, have been announced for drilling a well in Al-Suwairi and a well in Khirbat al-Tin Nur, Eng. Hmaidan clarified.

Difficulties and proposals

“ The urban expansion of cities and rural areas and the horizontal spread of construction and the construction of suburbs is a real challenge for the work because it requires the expansion of infrastructure services.  It is proposed to make a kind of  coordination between the administrative units and the Company before carrying out any expansion in the constructional schemes which can contribute to solving the most complex part of the problem," Eng. Hmaidan concluded.


By: Amal Farhat