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Syria Participates in International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Education in China

BEIJING- Syria’s Minster of Education Emad Al-Azab is participating in the international conference on Artificial Intelligence and Education organized by China in cooperation with UNESCO. The event was opened earlier today in Beijing and it is due to last till May 18th, 2019.

Ministers of Education and others involved in this sector of the Member States are participating also in ICSLE.

Leaders in the field of artificial intelligence and representatives of high-level agencies of the United Nations and international organizations as well as researchers and prominent practitioners, will also take part in the event, according to the Press Office of the Ministry of Education.

The conference aims to create a platform to facilitate the discussion of global policies and to exchange new ideas on the possibility of using artificial intelligence to transform education and learning towards achieving the fourth goal of sustainable development goals for education in (2030)

It also aims to ensure a fair and inclusive education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.