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" Handbook of Research on Smart Power System Operation and Control" is Another Syrian Creativity Worldwide

(ST) -Nowadays, there are great activities around the world for moving the existing power systems forward to be smarter. Such movement can help with reducing the environmental pollution security risks and operation costs. On the other hand, Smart grid concept provides a good choice for improving the power system stability, reliability, and security.

An interesting scientific book, covers the above mentioned issues, has been recently published in one of the most famous publishers in USA which is IGI-Global. The book entitled “Handbook of Research on Smart Power System Operation and Control” is edited by two expert researchers: Drs. Hassan HaesAlhelou and Ghassan Hayek from Tishreen University. Such publications can greatly help the Syrian universities in increasing their world ranks.

To know more about this important achievement, The Syria Times e-newspaper met Dr. Hassan HaesAlhelou and Ghassan Hayek who stressed that  the Handbook of Research on Smart Power System Operation and Control is a collection of innovative research on the theoretical and practical developments in smart power system operation and control that takes into account both smart grid and micro-grid systems. While highlighting topics including cyber security, smart grid and wide area monitoring. This book is ideally designed for researchers, students, and industry professionals.


Dr. Alhelou  pointed out that the Syrian scientific reference which  contains 489 pages is now available in USA, EU, and Canada. It is also available in electronic version in Amazon website. The  academic areas covered in this publication include: Cyber security, Electric Vehicle, Intelligent Control Applications, Micro-Grid, Power Systems, Smart Electric Drive, Smart Grid, System Protection, Voltage Control, Wide Area Monitoring, and Renewable Energy Resources.

This book demonstrates the potential of energy systems engineering-based approach to systematically quantify different options at different levels of complexity i.e. planning, operation, control and utilization through state-of-the-art modeling, simulation, control and optimization-based frameworks. The successful implementation of these approaches in a number of real-life case studies highlights further the significance of  this integrated system-wide approach. This book presents the importance of fundamental and applied research in power and energy systems applications by developing mechanisms for the transfer of the new methodology, which is applicable to the real-time problem".

Dr. Ghassan Hayek , said : "This handbook aims to be an essential reference source, building on the available literature in the field of power system operation and control, providing further research opportunities in this field. This specific text is expected to provide the primary and major resources necessary for researchers, academicians, students, faculties, and scientists, worldwide, to adopt and implement new inventions in power generation from conventional and non-conventional resources and their utilization and energy management. Therefore, the handbook of research on powersystem operation and control is to provide a platform to share up-to-date scientific achievements in the core as well as related fields".

Dr. Hayek went on to say :"There are three main objectives underlying this book:

-Identifying and exploring the scope of different operation and control methods.

-Identifying the scope of operation and control in modern power systems with high share of renewable energy resources, and

-Identifying the various operation and control schemes, algorithms, approaches, techniques for implementation in future power generation, transmission, and utilization.

The chapters in this book are categorized into two sections:

1: Electric Power Systems Operation

2: Energy Power Systems Control.

Describing the book , D. Che, from Tor Vergata University of Rome ,Italy, said: "This handbook provides answers to many challenging questions dealing with power and energy system optimization. It addresses a variety of issues related to the energy management and the recently developed optimization techniques. This handbook comprised of 19 chapters divided into two parts as per the information providing according to the above areas. I recommend this handbook to researchers and practitioners in the field, and for scientists and engineers involved in power system operation and control. I really appreciate the efforts of all the editors to compile this book. The managing editor Dr.Hassan HaesAlhelou and his team have meticulously collected the chapters, reviewed and placed them in appropriate way for better in depth understanding. I believe the readers of power and energy system will be benefited from the work presented in this book.

Among the important researches that have been adopted in this reference, which have been prepared by Syrian researchers representing various Syrian universities, are: EMC Installation for Variable Speed Drive Systems (VSDs): Fields, Emissions, Coupling  and Shielding by  Safwan Nadweh,  Zeina Barakat and Ghassan Hayek (Tishreen University, Syria). Under Frequency Load Shedding Techniques for Future Smart Power Systems, by H. H. Alhelou (Tishreen University, Syria),  Transition From Traditional Grid to Smart One

Haitham Daghrour and Razan Mohammad Al-Rhia (Tishreen University, Syria) ;Management of Electrical Maintenance of University Buildings Using Deterioration Models, by Bassel Mohamed Al Hassan, Jamal Younes Omran and Fayez Ali Jrad (Tishreen University, Syria) .

It is worth mentioning that the above mentioned scientific reference has been gained a great attention from researchers, academic and industrial sectors around the world. It has been abstracted and indexed in several prestigious indexing platforms such as Scopus, Web of Sciences (WoS), and many other indexing platforms services.


Interviewed by: Amal Farhat