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Syria Urges UNSC to Pressure Israeli Occupation to Halt Settlement Building Policies in Occupied Syrian Golan

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Syria has stressed that the aggressive settlement building policies of the Israeli occupation authorities in the occupied Syrian Golan aim at confiscating the lands of Golan people, reiterating that occupied Golan is an integral part of Syria and that the Syrian Arab Republic will restore it by all means possible being a an eternal right that doesn't fall into the statute of limitations, the ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said on Wednesday.

 In a letter to the UN Chief and President of the Security Council, the ministry made it clear that "the Israeli occupation authorities continue to practice all forms of pressure on our people in occupied Syrian Golan to force them to give up their lands, which they inherited from their fathers and their forefathers, by making them submit their lands ownership document, registered in the homeland and that prove their Syrian ownership, to the property department of the Israeli occupation authorities in order to be later given an Israeli ownership document instead."

The ministry added that the occupation authorities have recently announced that they have made a survey for the agricultural lands that extends between Ein al-Reyhan area and Sa'ar river, pointing out that the occupation surveyors entered these occupied Syrian lands on May 5th , 2019 and stayed for a week in order to register these lands and issue an Israeli ownership document for them.

This provocative procedure aims at deepening the Israeli occupation of these lands, thereby giving a legal pretext for the occupation to approve the law of annexing occupied Syrian Golan and putting it under the "Israeli sovereignty", the ministry said.

It went on to say that Syria affirms its support for the Syrian Arab citizens' resistance against the Israeli occupation and for their rejection of the decision to annex Golan to the Israeli occupation entity. Syria also backs the Golan people's rejection of the Israeli policies of stealing the Syrians' lands and properties through building illegitimate settlements on the occupied Syrian territories under whatever pretexts as to change Golan’s demographic, geographic and legal characteristics.

The Ministry concluded by saying that "the Syrian Arab Republic calls on the Security Council to act urgently to preserve international peace and security by forcing Israel to stop its illegal settlement building policies and halt its oppressive measures against our people in the occupied Syrian Golan."

Hamda Mustafa