Final Statement of the Astana Talks

Nour- Sultan-The final statement of the 12th round of the Astana talks on resolving the crisis in Syria affirmed that the Guarantor States (Russia, Iran and Turkey) renew their commitment to the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Syria and the need to continue efforts to eliminate the terrorist organizations there.

The final statement emphasized the need to abide by the principles and the Charter of the United Nations and to condemn the Trump Declaration on the occupied Syrian Golan, which contravenes Security Council resolution 497.

The statement stressed the need to implement the Sochi Agreement on Idlib and the elimination of terrorism in it and the need to continue to deliver humanitarian aid to the Syrians in all Syrian territory away from any politicization.

The statement pointed to the need for the cooperation of the international community, especially the United Nations, to facilitate the return of Syrian refugees to their country after the Syrian government has prepared the necessary conditions for this.

According to the final statement, the next round of Astana talks is scheduled for next July.

Sh. Kh.