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Shaaban: China's Invitation to Syria to the Summit is a Challenge to US Sanctions

Beijing - (ST)- Presidential Political and Media Adviser, Bouthaina Shaaban, emphasized that China's invitation to Syria to the Summit of the Belt and Silk is an important challenge to American sanctions and a new direction for policy coordination in a manner differs from interference in the internal affairs of the countries that the United States is conducting.

"The Silk Road is not a Silk Road if it does not pass through Syria, Iraq and Iran, whereas Syria enjoys a place in this summit because it is important to the historic Silk Road. The Chinese people and all peoples who believe in humanity, love and peace in the world highly appreciate Syria's sacrifice and its fight against terrorism," Dr. Shaaban said in an interview with Al-Mayadeen channel on Thursday.


Dr. Shaaban explained that what the United States of America will get back to them seriously. The US arrests women and children in Al-Rukban camp and protect terrorists in the Al-Tanf area and occupy part of Syrian territory.

She said that Erdogan's regime did not abide by the agreement of Astana regarding Idlib as the Turks must leave the Syrian territories and they are responsible for passing all the terrorists who came to Syria. "We will not abandon any grain of soil from the Syrian land", She added.

Dr. Shaaban confirmed that the Syrian people will be patient in economic distress a they were patient in the war on terror.

Sh. Kh.