Adoption of the Executive Program for the First Phase of the Basic Directions Document of the National Framework for Regional Planning

Damascus, (ST)- The meeting of the Supreme Council for Regional Planning, chaired by Prime Minister Emad Khamis, adopted the executive and time program for the first phase of the basic directions document of the national framework for regional planning.

The first phase includes a guide to spatial planning studies as well as a project to update and develop the draft national framework for regional planning and preparation of the national plan for housing as a priority in the reconstruction phase.

The meeting discussed the national housingstrategy whereasthe partnership was emphasized in planning the housing sector between the public and private sectors. It was agreed to hold a conference on the national strategy for housing with the participation of all parties in order to develop the housing sector in Syria according to a vision consistent with the determinants of the national framework for regional planning.

It was also decided to provide the necessary human resources and possibilities for the Regional Planning Authority in cooperation with all parties and to review the mechanism of the work of the Supervisory Authority on real estate finance in terms of powers and legislations, strengthen the role of the Central Bureau of Statistics in the development of a database that contribute to the implementation of housing strategy.

"The national framework for regional planning represents the infrastructure for comprehensive development in all sectors during the next phase to be in accordance with a proper systematic planning that takes into account the specificities and capabilities of each region, Stressing the importance of commitment to the timetable and implementation of all related to the national framework and the stages prepared by the Regional Planning Authority in coordination with all parties,"Eng. Khamis explained.

The Minister of Public Works and Housing, Eng. Suhail Abdul Latif, clarified that the national strategy for housing consists of several axes: data, statistics, regional planning, preparing the landfor construction, finance, implementation, and construction.

The head of the Regional Planning Commission, Mary Al -Talli, said that the most important projects are the preparation of a guide to spatial planning studies, updating the national framework draft according to a timetable for launching it and preparing the national plan for housing, in addition to updating the development and spatial vision of industries and supporting them.

For his part, the head of the Syrian Commission for Family and Population Affairs, Dr. Mohammed Akram al-Qash, pointed out that the discussion of the integrated strategy for housing takes into account the gaps that existed before the war and its repercussions that reflected on the residential reality and the development of an integrated strategy that begins by addressing the current situation of housing and laying down broad lines of housing in general.

Chairman of the Housing Cooperative Union, Ziad Al-Sukkari, explained that the goal of the meeting is to prepare a national strategy for housing and construction in the next phase and to develop an integrated map of regional planning and the areas of random housing.

Sh. Kh.