Turkish Regime Builds Separation Wall in Vicinity of Syria's Afrin City

AFRIN , Aleppo, (ST)- In a new violation of international laws, the Turkish regime forces have started to build a separation wall along the vicinity of Syria's Afrin in order to isolate the city from its geographical surrounding, which is an integral part form the Syrian territory, and to fracture the Syrian lands.

Local sources and media reports said, according to the Syrian news Agency SANA,  that "over the past few weeks the Turkish occupation forces have implemented wide-scale demolishing operation against civilians' houses and properties in Julbul village in order to complete the building of a 3-meter high separation concrete wall starting from the villages of Meryemin in the north to Kimar in the south to Julbul in the southwestern side in order to separate Afrin from north Aleppo areas.

 The sources talked about an urgent plan to build 70 km from the wall in an area inside the Syrian lands in addition to observation towers which will be in direct contact with military points of the Turkish occupation forces in Idleb near Afrin.

According to the sources, the Turkish regime forces have completed building 564 km of the wall which is planned to be built along the borders with Syria and which will reach 711 km long after completing the remaining part near Afrin.

Last year, the Turkish occupation forces expelled the locals of Afrin and replaced them with terrorist groups. They also cut olive trees and destroyed many houses and seized others in the city.  

Hamda Mustafa