PA Speaker: Syria and Iraq Share Common History, Destiny

BAGHDAD, (ST)- Speaker of the People's Assembly Hammouda Sabbagh has hailed the support of the Iraqi Arab clans' for Syria in its war on terrorism, stressing that Syria and Iraq are one people and they share a common history and destiny.  

 Sabbagh made the remarks on Friday in Baghdad during his meeting with heads of the Iraqi Arab clans ahead of the Conference of the Parliaments of Iraq’s Neighboring Countries scheduled to be held on Saturday.

He reiterated that complete victory over terrorism is very soon thanks to the steadfastness of the Syrian people and the heroism of the Syrian army.

 On their part, head of the Iraqi clans hailed the victories achieved by the Syrian Arab army over the terrorist gangs and praised Syria's steadfastness in the face of a heinous global conspiracy. They affirmed their full support for Syria till its complete victory over takfiri terrorism.

Earlier, in a statement to SANA correspondent in Baghdad, Sabbagh hoped that the conference of the parliaments of Iraq’s neighboring countries will be fruitful as regards the progress and prosperity of Iraq and its neighbors.

He said his visit to Baghdad came at the invitation of his Iraqi counterpart Mohammad al-Halbousi to attend the conference, thanking Iraq for this initiative.

Sabbagh pointed out that his speech during the first session of the conference tomorrow will explain all the issues which are of common interest for Syria, Iraq and their neighbors.

The PA Speaker arrived in the Iraqi Capital on Thursday leading a parliamentary delegation. Speaker of Iraq’s Council of Representatives, Mohammad al-Halbousi, his deputy Hassan al-Kaabi, and a number of members of Parliament welcomed Sabbagh and the accompanying delegation at Baghdad International Airport.

The Iraqi Council of Representatives announced that it had finished all logistic preparations to host the conference.

All preparations for the convening of the conference with the participation of the six neighboring countries: Syria, Iran, Kuwait, Turkey, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, are completed, according to Secretary General of the Council Salah Al-Humiri said.

Hamda Mustafa