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President Aksyonov: Crimea Plans to Export Wheat, Petroleum Products to Syria

MOSCOW, (ST)- President Sergey Aksyonov of Crimea has announced his country's plan to export wheat and petroleum products to Syria.

In a  statement to Sputnik, Aksyonov said "there are plans to export wheat, petroleum products and power tools to the Syrian Arab Republic as well as to rebuild railways there...talks on this issue are underway  in all directions."

He pointed out that "the companies which are willing to export such products to Syria were specified and now we are organizing the process of transport," noting that "goods will be transported to our ports by land and then they will be shipped to Syria."  

 President Aksyonov went on to say that a shipment of wheat as well as products of industrial companies in Crimea will be prepared to head for Syria, noting continuous work to establish a joint shipment company.

On its part, Syria will export citrus fruits, vegetables, olives and olive oil to Russia, according to Aksyonov.

Last January, Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea announced that a shipment company was established to link between Crimea and Syria and that this company will start working soon.

Hamda Mustafa