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Syria and Its Allies Did the World a Favor by Ending Unipolarity: Haddad

MOSCOW, (ST)- Syria, as people, army and leadership, has amazed the world by its steadfastness and ability to confront most dangerous developments and it, with the help of its friends, has done the world a favor by ending unipolarity, Syrian Ambassador in Moscow Riad Haddad has stressed.

He made the remarks during a celebration held by the Syrian Embassy in Moscow marking the 73rd Anniversary of Evacuation Day.

 "Evacuation Day comes while Syria is still facing the dirtiest war humanity has ever experienced, yet Syria has proved to be immune to forces of evil, aggression and terrorism with all their forms and tools," he said in a speech during the celebration.

He added that the gains Syria has made in the fight against international terrorism in addition to the launch of the process of reconstruction as well as economic recovery and the return of the displaced Syrians home, have all made Syria's enemies, led by America, move to the second phase of the aggression through waging an economic war to achieve what they failed to achieve through military intervention.

 The celebration was held by the Syrian Embassy in Moscow in cooperation with the branch of the National Union of Syrian Students and the Syrian Community in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States in addition to the Baath Arab Socialist Party organization in Russia.

Other speeches during the celebration affirmed the Syrian people's long struggle against aggressors and colonialists that resulted in the evacuation of the French colonialism from the Syrian territories. They pointed out that Syria has become the rock in the face of colonialist schemes, the latest of which has been the global terrorist war waged on the country.

Hamda Mustafa