Under President Al-Assad's Patronage, Central Celebration Held in Quneitra Province Marking 73rd Evacuation Day

QUNEITRA, (ST)- Under the Patronage of the President Bashar Al-Assad, a central rally was held on Wednesday  in al-Baath city of Quneitra province marking the 73rd Evacuation Day, the day when the last French occupation soldier was evacuated from Syria, declaring the country's independence.

Assistant General Secretary of the Baath Arab Socialist Party (BASP)  Hilal al-Hilal, Representative of President Al-Assad, said in a speech that evacuation anniversary comes while the Syrians are consolidating their steadfastness against attempts to destroy Syria and undermine its independence.

"On Evacuation Day, the Syrians are writing down a new page in the history of Syria and the region, a new evacuation, the evacuation of terrorism and occupiers from our sacred lands," al-Hilal said, affirming that "the Syrians won't stop their struggle till they liberate Golan, Raqqa, Idleb and every inch of our beloved homeland from occupation and terrorism."

He added that Syria has faced the most heinous multi-dimension aggression waged by hegemony and new colonialism forces as well as Zionism in cooperation with their agents and tools in the Arab region. He pointed out that these forces have used all kind of tools including the media, terrorist gangs and economic siege to destroy Syria.


"Today, Syria is facing another kind of war. It the dirty economic war against a sovereign state after the nation's enemies as well as the terrorist organizations and their sponsors and supporters have failed in weakening the Syrian State. They aim at fighting the Syrian citizens by affecting their living, but it seems that they haven't realized the fact that the people, who have kept steadfast for eight years in the face of very difficult circumstance, including the crimes of the terrorists, and triumphed in their battle, will also triumph in this economic war."

On Occupied Syrian Golan, al-Hilal said that Donald Trump's Golan declaration affirms Syria's enemies' anger over the Syrian people's triumph in the terrorist war imposed on them.

"This declaration affirms the foolishness of its maker and strips Trump before the entire world including before his own allies," said al-Hilal, reiterating that the "Syrians are determined to liberate every inch of Syria's sacred lands from terrorism and occupation and they will achieve, by their sacrifices, a new evacuation of the Israeli, American and Turkish occupation forces from Syria".


Hamda Mustafa